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This is your important first step in securing a future of freedom and prosperity for you and your family. The purpose of the consultation is to conduct an initial review of your entanglements to the "system" and the choices, costs, and risks associated with unvolunteering, or at least "downsizing" your reliance on these "enslaving entanglements". You may refer to You Can...Choose about all the rewards that await you, should you have missed it before reaching this page..

Free One (1) Hour Initial Consultation:

For a limited time we are offering a free one hour initial telephone consultation. This limited time offer is to give you an opportunity to ask certain questions in advance of a more in  depth discussion of your personal or business circumstances.

Should you wish to take advantage of this limited time offer simply contact us
here, filling in the requested information and you'll receive a return call to schedule your appointment.

Additonally, we'll give you chapters One and Four of our eBook, Social Security, The Way Out,  following the conclusion of your consult. This way, should you choose to enlist in one of our programs or construct a Trust/Business, Domestic and/or Foreign system, you will already be ahead in your understanding. Frequently, analyzing your situation and providing you with complete and accurate information may require more time.

Should you choose to conduct a more in depth evaluation of your personal or business objectives and submit a specific reorganization plan, and appropriate retiainer will be required.

Consultation is Key

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