How The Time Is Now Institute
Help You and Your Family

Members of The Time Is Now Institute benefit from a complete array of services provided by our senior researchers, educators, accountants, and other specialists. We will help you restore your personal sovereignty by helping you break the bonds the federal government has placed on you. These bonds, which, as you may not realize, are voluntary, and can be removed simply by understanding what they are, and deciding to stop using (un-volunteering from) them.

Although the concept is simple, the law is complex, and most of us are heavily tied to federal law through adhesion contracts (such as Social Security) and "licenses of privilege" (corporations, permits, etc.) Our approach is a non-adversarial disconnection from these federal contracts and licenses and focus on personal responsibility and accountability. This non-adversarial approach concentrates on your security by observing current statute law, while seeking other legal and lawful ways to limit your exposure to the jurisdiction of those laws.

Start with a Consultation.

The first step is the free one hour consultation. This is where one of our experienced educators, based on an individual's needs, will provide hands-on support to clients and their families who are seriously interested in restructuring their lives and businesses away from the system’s UCC bias. We trust you will find confidence in our broad experience in helping people just like you for more than two decades.

No two people are connected to the system the same way! How reliant are you and your family on your Social Security numbers? What are the costs, risks, and time associated with downsizing your reliance? What are the financial rewards: short-term and long-term? How will living without a Social Security number affect your ability to provide for you and your loved ones? We believe you and your family should know what you are getting yourself into before you enroll or try to do this on your own.

Once a member, you'll learn through a series of more than thirty lessons which comprise our "proactive" education program how to "un-volunteer" from this federal social system. This series teaches them how to protect their constitutional rights to sovereignty through an understanding of constitutional and common law, and its relevance to the jurisdictions of modern courts. We often suggest additional financial tools and provide other services such as estate planning, asset protection, and risk management. If you choose, we also have tax preparation available for members and members' entities.

The Consultation - What to Expect

We begin by examining the full range of UCC nexuses you have to the system. You are unique and have special goals, objectives, resources, comfort zones, fears, challenges, and opportunities that differ from others.

Our financial services and products are offered with the understanding that each is custom designed to meet the specific needs and desires of you and your family, regardless of your political persuasion or ability to live without using your Social Security number.

During the consultation, we may suggest additional financial tools and/or services such as estate planning, asset protection, and risk management to assist you in your long-term goals. In choosing to become an enrolled member, you will have access to senior advisors in the area of tax planning, tax preparation, offshore strategies, and much more. We seek to become our member’s client's long-term partner by providing services with competency and integrity. We stand behind our work. It has taken you many years to become adjusted to the expectations of the system. You should not expect to accomplish this major life reorganization overnight!

Consultation is key; request a Consultation now.

Consultation is Key

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